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Facebook Marketing Tips 2016. Now if you’re watching this right now it’s December of 2015. Use this tip that I’m about to share with you to market on Facebook 2016 as well as 2015. So would you like to know a little secret that I’ve been using to increase my engagement and the amount of people who see my posts on Facebook? If you do, stay tuned. My name is Billy Funk the Extreme Networker and I love teaching things that have not only helped myself but have helped other people. And if you understand Facebook Marketing at all you know that Facebook uses an Algorithm called Edge Rank, when it comes to showing people your posts. So if you’ve got 2000 friends and you make a post a picture post and they put it on the newsfeed of lets say 8% of your friends. Let’s say 10%. That’s 200 people. Based on the amount of that group of people, the likes, the comments and the shares that you get will then determine whether or not Facebook shows this to more people. Or just leaves it as is. So if you have got a post that you’re looking to get more engagement on, more eyeballs, maybe you’re marketing something, maybe you’re trying to get more people to a webinar, maybe you’re selling a product, maybe you’ve got a video you want more eyeballs on. What you want to do is this little tiny secret that I’ve been using that works really really really well. So knowing Facebook’s algorithm and knowing that for every comment you get, for every share that you get and for every like that you get is kinda like a point system. The more points that you have the more people will see your posts. You can simply go on any post, so here’s a post I did 7 hours ago. Talking about a free webinar that I’m hosting on how to rank videos. And I want more people to see this post. So I have 20 people that have actually liked it, one person shared it and I only have 3 comments. So what I like to do is to figure out who are the people who have liked it that haven’t commented yet. Alright. This whole group of people right here. So I went ahead and I typed all their names out. What I do is I bring up a note and I simply type all their names out. Okay. And then I think of something to say to them. First I’m going to thank them. I also say I really appreciate it and I’m excited to share some really cool strategies. So what I do is, I simply grab this I grab all their names I copy it. And I’m going to comment. Which by the way, this is actually going to increase my edge rank because even though it’s a comment from me, it’s still a comment. It’s still points in the edge rank factor of how many people see your posts. So I’m going to first write Thank You for the Likes, then I’m going to type in all their names, and so you simply go like this. You click on each person’s name and it will actually pop up their name. This one actually popped up that person’s name twice. So it’s easier to do if you actually go to the bottom of this post to the very end of it. I click on that person’s name. So I want each person to actually see this, there we go, put a comma. I also like to delete the last names of people. It gives more space for you to type stuff in. As in it’s more anonymity. So I’m going to hit pause and I’m going to show you what to do next. Alright so I finished tagging the first group of people, Thanks for the likes and I’ve got 9 people’s names tagged. I really appreciate it and I’m excited to share some really cool strategies with you on the webinar. Have an Awesome rest of your day. And I simply click on enter. Boom. Then I do that one more time. Here’s another reason why I do that. Alright besides giving it another point. Because you’re actually making a comment, I’m also pulling all those people back into my post. And I’ve yet to see when I’ve done this, I’ve yet to see at least one person not engage with that simple little comment. See right away Michael McCormack clicked on the like button. One of these people that I just tagged is going to comment something, I can just smell it, I can sense it. And it’s going to increase the edge rank of this post and look I already got 3 likes on that. One two three likes. So that’s more points for Facebook to show this to more people and more people are going to take a look at this post. And are going to want to sign up for my webinar. Which is right here. So this your Facebook Tip of 2016 or Facebook Marketing Tips 2016. Hope you enjoyed it. If you got any value from this please feel free to share it with anyone you think would get value as well. If you like this video, click the like button below I would appreciate it. Would love to hear any positive feedback that you got from this whatsoever. Remember to hold all your negative feedback to yourself. No if you got anything that you think I could improve upon or anything that you would want to know please drop a comment, I love engagement, I love hearing more about what you guys want to know so that helps me figure out what I should teach about next. Alright. Have an Awesome day. Hope you got some value.

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