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Shadows of the Collegium

Shadows of the Collegium is what started me down this path. It grew in directions that I didn’t feel I controlled, and it is not sitting on the shelf, waiting for the day that I will dust it off, break it down into its component parts, and making something whole out of it.

As I wrote content for Shadows of the Collegium, I posted links to Google Docs files of the content, so I didn’t overwhelm the site with text. This page is a list of links to the Google Docs containing the actual setting content. As well, I’ve also linked to the wiki for the setting, which is also updated every time I write new content for Shadows.

Shadows of the Collegium Wiki

Shadows of the Collegium Setting Documents

A History of Kage

The Magic of Kage

The True History of Kage

The Grand Cavalcade (Getters and Backbiters)

Barbarians in the Undercity

Bards in the Undercity

Gunslingers in the Undercity

Magi in the Undercity

The History of the Undercity

Undercity Deities

Clerics in the Undercity

Sorcerers in the Undercity

Sand and Steam Short Fiction (by Joseph Devon)  

A Meeting in the Bends

What Do You Feed a Bear?

Rise Over Run